Description on Groups

Hi all,

I’m migrating from SME9 to NS7 and after created groups (in cockpit) I miss a description for groups.
Not a mandatory field as in SME9 but a optional one. A 255char or less if necessary field to describe why that group exist.
For example, I have groups to access (they start with P_) and to receive e-mail (they start with E_).
But a newbie on first access of cockpit will not see the difference and have no clues about why there are 2 different groups!

Or I’m missing something about NS7 and just thinking the old SME9 way? hehehe

As we are approaching the ns7 EOL next year, we do not add new features in this phase.

I changed the topic category to #support , maybe someone else has a good idea for it!

Tell us a bit more of the two groups: what is the issue in distinguish them?

In ns7 mail groups are treated differently: look at the docs for the mail module: Email — NethServer 7 Final

Hi Davi

Let’s see the SALES groups.
One group (P_SALES as permission sales) it for smb share access, another group (E_SALES as in e-mail sales) is for people will receive e-mail addressed to sales@mydomain.
I’d created this difference when client requested they behave differently ( some people could access sales share but do not get e-mail sent to the sales department).

Ok so they are two completely different groups, with distinct purposes.

P_SALES remains for SMB share access in any case.

In NS7 you’d find many possible paths.

  1. replace E_SALES with an email address. The address can have either multiple destinations (one for each user), or just one public mailbox destination. In the latter case, you can still select individual users that can access the public mailbox

  2. keep E_SALES and use it as group mailbox: it is a distribution list equivalent to the group members

  3. keep E_SALES and use it for the public mailbox ACL. This is a variant of 1 that still relies on the group.

I miss a description for groups.

I’m absent from work in this period and cannot verify the Cockpit UI on NS7 because we migrated to NS8.

For sure in NS8 we have the group description :slight_smile: