Demoting a leader node, and adding it to another leader node

How could one, if possible, demote an existing LEader node to a worker node, and add it to another leader node?

or alternatively, adding the elader node to another leader node and demoting it to worker node?

Hi @oneitonitram

Basically this:


My 2 cents

This one has 2 separate NS8 Servers that were deployed as separate clusters.

The aim now is to combine the 2 Leader nodes into a single cluster, Where one is demoted as the leader and made as a client node.

That will not work, according to @davidep …
Simply as they are not in the same cluster.

And merging data or users / groups from two different clusters is a no-go…

My 2 cents

You can achieve the same effect with backup/restore of individual modules.

There is no Merging Data or anything, Just the Apps running on that other node.

That would be a heck amount of work if the Node has alot of Apps running etc.

when setting up a new NS8 instance, we are asked if we want the server to be leader or to join an existing cluster?node

WHat would prevent the server if setup as a Leader, From Being able to Join an existing cluster as a client node, and lose the privileges it has a leader node?

For example, both leaders can have a Unix user traefik1: there is an instance name conflict.

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Wouldnt dropping it that traefik/ collapsing it in favour of the main one that becomes the leader work