Delete Webtop msg attachment in Firefox

Weird thing I just came across as I typically use Webtop with Chrome, but I have a user using Firefox.
In Firefox, when creating or replying to an email, after you add an attachment, there is no “X” to delete the attachement, if you click anywhere on the attachment, it opens.
In Chrome, there is the Red “X” on the right side of the attachment to delete.

Hello @wbilger,

I tried it now on an updated Nethserver 7.3 with Webtop 1.1.5-1.ns7 and Firefox 56.0.1 on Windows 7 and it worked.

Which versions do you use?

There was an update available for WebTop, and that fixed the problem, sorry, should have checked that first.
Can this topic be deleted?

I made a support topic out of it, so you should be able to mark the topic as solved by yourself. Maybe it helps others with the same problem…

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