Delete user with apostrophe

I have ad user call d’antuoni and i can’t delete from web interface. Work only command line with command:

signal-event user-delete d’antuoni


Holy :poop:

The UI allows the creation of such user?

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In Cockpit I cannot create this user… and also in NethGUI.
Maybe an old bug?

@giacomo This is the situation:

  • I can create the user with apostrophe only via CLI
  • I can delete it from NethGUI
  • I can’t delete it from Cockpit
  • I can delete it from CLI

I think this is not a bug and sysadmin should not create an user with the apostrophe…


so… On linux you can create username with ' char? If the answer is yes then air raid alarm = on

no, i create it with cli

So you should delete it from the CLI.
You’ve been very brave trying to create a user with the apostrophe :scream: You’ve been very lucky that nothing was broken :smiley:

i’m not brave, it’s only my mistake in the mass users create procedure :slight_smile:

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