Dashboard additions suggestion

am loving this software have come over from ipfire, tried untangle and clear os,opnsense pfsense and others
what i would love to see on dashboard a live list of what ports etc are being blocked and from what interface, just a way to know whats going on, and i love the ntop omg thats so wicked, so much going on,
maybe also like a upnp option but its like it will display the upnp request from sources and you can allow it to occur, maybe a remember this request again feature, just a way to like see what wants it and you can control it,
hope its okay to ask for these ideas, i like to test trial and find the ultimate linux based multi nic webpage interactive router with awesomeness, im gonna run this as my main and hope to see it be the best,


Hi Adrian, welcome to the NethServer Community.

Do you have in mind any example of that? It may be helpful some screenshot where you point us out the most interesting features.

why isnt there already an option in nethserver for upnp, like under network options, or a plug in, i know its not a good thing to use, but i am trying to get my gaming console to host a game not much luck with port forward,
its ashame this is a standard on pfsense have used, i will contribute money as i think this option is warranted,