Critical Bug in updates

Folks, your latest set of updates has some dependency issues. We’ve updated our Nethserver religiously but we have critical errors on the updates for the following:

nethserver-ibays 3.1.0 1.ns7
nethserver-letsencrypt 1.1.4 1.ns7
nethserver-lib 2.2.3 1.ns7
nethserver-nextcloud 1.1.0 1.ns7
nethserver-squidguard 1.7.0 1.ns7
nextcloud 11.0.2 1.ns7

when I try to apply these updates I get the following error:

Applying Changes #2 (exit status 1)
[YumRPMCheckError] (u’Error with transaction check vs depsolve:’,nextcloud = 10.0.4-1.el7 is needed by (installed) nextcloud-mysql-10.0.4-1.el7.noarch’ ‘nextcloud = 10.0.4-1.el7 is needed by (installed) nextcloud-httpd-10.0.4-1.el.noarch’]

Can someone look at this?

Also, you for an “all or nothing” on updates using the web ui, that I I can’t think of any reason why the update web interface can’t be more like Yum Extender or even pass on some options of Yum command line, which allows you to select your updates. anyway, saw some cool fixes here (allowing Capital letters is nice on ibay) which I’m hoping to apply. Thanks!

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Thanks for pointing it out! I’m already on it!

Please, search this forum for past discussions about this feature.

Gotcha. Thanks!

I’ve (temporarily) removed the updates to NextCloud 11. There is one issue with WebDAV that must be investigated before proceed with it /cc @dz00te

@GOB, @jlibster, please clean up the yum cache and try again.

That appears to have fixed the update issue. The remaining updates appear to have been applied with no issues. Will keep you posted if anything else comes up. Thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback. You probably felt into this issue with NextCloud 10.0.4 from EPEL repository

Please exclude it, as reported in that discussion and downgrade your nextcloud pacakges to 10.0.2 from nethserver-base.

Fortunately no one has been using NextCloud so it was unnoticed but I’ve confirmed it my next cloud has error 403. I’ll proceed with the downgrade.

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