Create Shared Folder tab not reset

creating some new shared folders subsequently, seems to produce the same bug already seen on creating new user (Bug #2728), it always start from the latest selected tab.
Not really a big problem to be honest, but since the user tab has been corrected… :grin:

Tested on a fresh install full updated.

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@davidep what do you think? Just reproduced on my installation as well

Thanks @dz00te for reporting this: I filed bug 3193 and now it is ON_QA: would you like to test it?

To install the testing package type:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-ibays-2.1.3-1.1.g29a2644
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Done. Thank you for the fast bug fix. :ok_hand:
Only one note if someone else want to test:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-ibays-2.1.3-1.1.g29a2644.ns6


yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-ibays
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That’s awesome @dz00te ! Do you want join our testing team?

Do you want to write down a small document to explain the testing process?
Please reply to the topic above, if you need help ask to @vcc is our smart guy about testing/QA