Create folders for scripts or programs in php and more

Hello everybody . I would like to know how to create a folder where you can insert small programs in php and be processed by the server as for example; I don’t want to create virtual hosts but just use the existing fqdn name with the addition of the / folder. I saw that in etc / httpd / conf.d / *** there are links to / usr / share / folder.
an example is the installation of glpi or wordpress betting on the cards in / usr / share / ****.
Thank you

create your php script inside /var/www/html/

for your folder it is /var/www/html/folderName

Yes, thanks Stephane, I knew that the publication of a program or other must always be copied to / var / www / html / folder. I wonder why the same applications like wordpress or glpi (which I have on my server) are in / usr / share / ***. Maybe I had asked the question wrong. Thank you

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you have default place for software with linux

/var/lib/ for data
/usr/share/ for applications
/etc/ for settings


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