Could not connect to accounts provider!

Well, we use a little program and right now, all my users doesn’t have usb enabled anymore. We use some little utility (DisableUSB_Free.exe) that disables the usb storage feature. Is good and works.

Good one, but we got 3 yrs license for avast. But you hit the nail and I’ll try another one.
Maybe what I need is an antivirus for Linux servers (not that Linux need it) so windows users are a little safe, but don’t know if this can stops and prevent the files to be contaminated from the network.

Before using avast, we test some of you mentioned but it was a better time with simple virus, not cryptoware or ransomware, (do you remember seeing the ping-pong virus?)

For me McCrapy was the worst, but this was ages ago. Now it came with dell computers and when I got a new one I just delete the hard disk to start clean without the bloatware.

Thank you for the av suggestions, some of them I have forgot.

Ransomware are quite issues for people who don’t have a good backup policy and a Disaster Recovery plan, IMVHO.
These programs are not viruses…

Cancer are they.

To me, any program (even format c: ) can be transformed as a ‘virus’
(if a good or bad program is used to cause harm o evil is virus), yeah it’s a simplistic way of think and paranoid.
Even antivirus behaves like virus, do you know the virus Winbugs-2? (10=2 ), joking.
The same apply to people, I got some virus in two legs walking here, and need to be sent to /dev/nul

There’s a long story for Windows Vista and Windows 8. Quite unfair the public opinion…

Vista?.. did you see and use “Millenium”? I got nightmares, 8 hours of work daily wasted on this crap, solving problems without solution (no drivers, no fun)
The only thing we can do in that OS was running the de fragmenting tool. We use to leave running to see that windows works but only for this task. :rofl:
I’m exaggerating, really I almost forget those dark times, it was only one winMe PC at work of 25 (the rest 2k, 98, 95) then came XP (the first version) and the nightmare returns, until a ray of light with the SP1. I remember to be using windows 2000 until the XP SP1 came to light.