Copies of emails on Android

I’ve been having a problem for quite a while now that has survived multiple upgrades and reboots. I end up getting the same email delivered to my Android phone multiple times. I can’t figure out any ryme or reason to it. I setup a new email account on my phone and select exchange type account. Everything will work fine for a week or so, then I’ll start getting some emails twice. Then after a while 3 times etc etc. The only way to get it to stop is to delete the account and start over. Any suggestions?

Which e-mail app do you use? Do you use sogo or webtop for eas? I use gmail app with sogo eas and it works since months now.

I’m using Sogo. I’m trying to see if there is any pattern or a specific action that is causing it but it seems to be pretty random. Currently I have 6 copies of one email in my inbox on my phone and others that are completely normal.

You may try another mobile client like K-9, just an idea: