Connector hangs when receiving mail


I’m having trouble getting mail through the connectors. Occasionally, a random connector hangs when receiving mail. When you try to download now, the download indicator is spinning endlessly in the Download output terminal window. Rescues disconnecting / enabling the connector. There are no errors in the logs. The connector service seems to hang in cron. Tell me, who faced such a problem how to win?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: Email 2.30.1

Hi Michael and welcome to NethServer Community,

please check if there’s a getmail process running and kill it.

pgrep getmail

kill <PID>

See POP3 / GetMail stops fetching on any mailbox

Did you check /var/log/messages and /var/log/maillog ?


Hi mrmarkuz! I’m checking /var/log/messages and /var/log/maillog - all ok, not errors.

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Did you try to kill the getmail process?

Yes, I try to kill the getmail process. It helps, but after a while the problem has to be solved manually again. I have noticed that the connector hangs when processing a large volume of mail. How to automate the process? How to automatically kill hung processes, for example, once an hour?

You could check which mail makes the getmail process hang in /var/log/maillog and delete it on the server.

Killing the processes hourly is no real solution, just a workaround. In this case you need a cronjob.
I recommend the crontab module by @stephdl to be able to overview and manage your cronjobs in the UI.

This example runs “killall getmail” every hour, like 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 etc


What about removing the connectors, syncing your mails with imapsync once and use NethServer as mail server? See the wiki for more details.

Thanks. I’ll try. Question - will this not interfere with the normal operation of Getmail processes?

Yes, this will kill other getmail processes too if running, as said that’s just a workaround.