Configure Shared Mailbox

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.5.1804
Module: SoGo

I have a problem to configure shared mailbox.
My Nethserver is configured to LDAP Server.
I have installed Sogo with email.
Send & Receive are OK.

I want to create a shared folder
I have create a group call userocto and all user are in this group.
I have create a shared folder and set ower to this group (userocto).
I Have chec create alias.

I have disconnect my user of SoGo. And reconnect.
When i want to go on the shared folder, i have an error :

an error occurred while connecting to the mail server`

Can you help me to correct this error ?
Thank’s for your help

Perhaps this could help:

I have activate in roundcube.
But same problem on SOGo.
I have disconnect the user and reconnect. Same error.

I have launch outlook and configure it with eas and i can see the shared folder.
But i want to use SOGo… For the shared calendar.

I think you have the same error as at the following thread:

At the second post of the other thread @mrmarkuz is solving this with setting the rights of the folder:

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After change permissions, the message no longer appears when i click on shared mailbox.
But i can’t see the mailbox folder.
I have restart sogod service.
In roundcube i can see my folder “contact” on shared mailbox folder and i can navigate in, but in SOGo the folder “contact” doesn’t appear.

Did you click at the icon in front of your shared mailbox to open it?


What an idiot!
That’s ok and i see all my folder and e-mail !!

Thank’s for your help !!

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You’re absolutely not an idiot : that part of the GUI is absolutely misleading.


Theese are good news. Could you mark the topic as solved please.