Configure Nethserver to receive emails


how can I get an Email from another SMTP Server over Internet (,

The problem is, i need an Email from to get a Server Certificate.
Email —> SMTP access only accept IP addresses.
It is possible configure Nethserver to receive Mails from every SMTP Server without restrictions?
When i receive the email, i would deactivate this Option.



Hello @supernicky

First of all have you specified MX record in your Domain DNS ?

How can I do that?

Do you have access to your Domain control page or DNS server on which your Domain is parked?

pls share your domain name.

Is your server has External IP or it is NATed ?

i have a static IP from my Provider.
Nethserver is behind a NAT Router and the Mailservice will be forwarded to the local IP

the server is operated at home

So firstly you need to port forward 25 port on your GW

Also please add Admin mailbox :

As for MX record please read this topic:

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thanks for help. I have receive the mail with Windows.