Completing the module AWSTATS

did by cron.weekly IIRC, do you have something in /var/lib/nethserver/awstats

what version do you have ?

# rpm -qa | grep awstats

# ls /var/lib/nethserver/awstats
and inside this folder are the pdf-reports present.

My system seems to bee uptodate.
# rpm -qa | grep awstats

I’ll have a look into the cron files.

I have the emails but of course i have the mail server stack installed

If you sent an email locally to root@SystemName.DomainName, can you receive it ?

No. But I can receive emails for admin@domain.tld. This is the way used for the notifications about possible updates.

admin is an optional user, that I am responsible for giving it back to nethserver. It seems that the normal way is to use root.

can you look in maillog what was occurring sunday morning 2:01 am

[root@ns7loc15 ~]# mail
Subject: plop


[root@ns7loc15 ~]# mail
Heirloom Mail version 12.5 7/5/10.  Type ? for help.
"/var/spool/mail/root": 3 messages 1 new
    1 root@nethservertest.  Thu Nov 15 02:00  29/1316  "Yum: Updates downloaded on"
    2 root@nethservertest.  Thu Nov 15 05:44  29/1316  "Yum: Updates downloaded on"
>N  3 root                  Mon Nov 19 22:14  18/690   "plop"

on a test machine without nethserver-mail (my main server gets it and also workable)

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you are right, on the machine without nethserver-mail, the emails for root@host.domain.tld are into this folder.
I was not aware about it.

=> I will investigate to redirect them to “root@domain.tld” (necessary in my config in order to have them displayed).

in the root user's profile does it is not possible to redirect root’s email to any external account mailbox ?