Community Team Meeting

Continuing the discussion from How to improve community hangouts?:

We had the community meeting today with @Robb, some main points:

  • personal messages to newcomers, translated in their languages.
  • new addresses for Robb and Jim to create more effective messages.
  • the increase of active users and signups
  • community hangouts of teams
  • segmentation of members by skills

Robb and Jim will help me keep the community engaged and active, as community moderators.
New meeting is scheduled for the next Month

@vhinzsanchez where are you? :slight_smile:

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Present…kinda busy with personal things last weekend, went on a little vacation. Election fever also hit Philippines.

Good to see you back Vhinz!
I think we had a very good meeting. Blab is a bit getting used to, but the quality is very good. I think we should stick wityh blab for a while.
I also saw on twitter that blab is promoting scheduled meetings. So maybe we can expect some more viewers.