Coming soon ... Howto Install Erpnext on Nethserver

In this post i will describe howto install ERPNext on Nethserver 7.3
I will take advantage of the weekend and a virtual machine to see if I can (hoping that howto not turn into support :grin:)

ERPNext is an open source ERP for managing small and medium sized businesses, based on Frappé
Frappé is a full stack web application framework written in Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS with MySQL as the backend.

I have already configured authentication via ldap of NS LDAP NS - Erpnext - Wordpress with SSO


Good to see multiple ERP solutions are being tried out. So NethServer becomes a solution in the true opensource spirit of freedom of choice.
Are there any ERP experienced members that are able to judge the several solutions on their options and usability?
We also have Odoo and SugarCRM
Any other options?

What is the status of Erpnext module for Nethserver

Nothing in the works that I know of.
I was hopping for weavlo to be more or less ready to ease the installation and updates, but not there yet…

I find ERPNext difficult to install even in my Linux Mint. Its so confusing. There is production virtual appliance (.ova) available for the ERPNext. Will try to convert the virtual box .ova file to qcow2 image and import the file to my proxmox.