CollectD / Interface dropped packets

**NethServer Version: 7.6
**Module: collectd
NS as guest on HyperV


while I was searching for the reason why my green intercase shows regular high spikes in dropped packets I noticed that there could be something wrong with the scaling.

In the 2hour view I see regular spikes at 80m pps. In the 8 hour view I see in the same timeframe only 14m pps. Same in the day view.
ethtool -S eth1 does not list any dropped packets.

The red interface looks completely different, here it is a constant line of only 2 pps. (not 2m!)

Two questions:

  1. is there a bug in the y-axis scale?
  2. where/how can I search on the command line to see if I really have an issue and to fix it.

Any idea?


Can’t say I ever noticed the scale issue, but I have always wondered about the regularity of the dropped packets. Every 16 minutes: