Collaborative tools for schools

Ok I think I got the multi domain, no much hard, I need to create a POC and propose change to postfix &

All is time matter, I have a life, a family, two jobs, unfortunately a hobby that I cannot satisfy now because corona virus (moutain bike), and any lines of code I write is done/maintained on my time.


Are you gonna to maintain any package of the community?
I am not. Therefore, i do not hurry or press anyone (except Nethesis Guys) on any kind of bug, issue, feature…
(IPv6… )


the rhythm is insane ATM :slight_smile:

I hope to be polite enough for a french Monsieur…

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Great/ anthing to test at the moment

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No problem, at any level in a community you have different skills, bug hunters, documentation writers, support guys, coders, community drivers, simply good mates …

I think the most important is to give back what the community gave you, if you do it, the exchange is not distorted.

I code because I can.


What do you think about sticking to LTS? I mean do we really need most up-to-date moodle?

As far as I understand the next LTS 3.9 comes on 10th of May.


@mrmarkuz If the next LTS is coming up on 10 May, then we can wait for it. So that we have a newer version which is LTS. Will save alot of effrot in doing double work.

Unless there is need to work on currently what is available, or there would be an easy way to updae and upgrade it.

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Am curious, why is it not possible to have multiple installation of Nextcloud instances on the same nethserver instance. Is there something that will break?

Also, does anyone know if its possible to limit nethserver users by groups?


There IS a Nextcloud GroupQuota App…


Uses API, seems designed to work with a billing system like blesta, whmcs, or wisecp

@mrmarkuz @oneitonitram
I agree to wait for the next LTS release and stick to LTS versions. My strong suggestion to make this default for Moodle support on NS and also, if possible, for any other (community) application.

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A Bigblue button integration app is now available on the Nextcloud app store.
This is wonderful news now. ill test and anyone is welcomed to test and report.

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This still needs BBB installed somewhere…
But it’s still great news!

My 2 cents

the install instructions for setting up BBB gave me headache, i have not yet attempted to get it done.
Anyone setup a BBB server we use it for testing :slight_smile:

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NExtcloud Open sources the high performance backend.

Source code is available here:

So, what is the NEtserver team going to do about this news.

I guess even is so many forums, here on the community, we have had numerous disccsuions on making tools for video possible

Just saving this to be used later on

Is it interesting for you?

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Not in the short term. We would like to evaluate it for an internal project, but I do now know if it will land into NethServer. But I’m willing to help anyone want to make it work on NS!

i am interested in making it work in nethserver and testing it.

Though from the source files, it looks complicated for me to even attempt.

So ill wait for someone else to get started, then ill test.