Collaborative tools for schools

As a video conferencing tool, besides jitsi meet you can think of BigBlueButton I know it seemlessly integrates with Moodle (which needs an update badly… currently still on 3.5 while 3.8.2+ has been released recently)

wow, thank you @robb BiglBlueButton seems like the perfect solution for schools video conferencing.
Unfortunately for us, it’s only available for Ubuntu servers, as well as they insist its installed on a dedicated server(not an issue)
Overall what i am trying to understand is.
can a single deployment of bigblue be used for multiple schools?
i noticed there is ability to create multiple rooms, which is nice for an institution when they have multiple classrooms.

what about in my case, do i have to deploy a seprate instance per school. considering requires dedicaed server?

Why Openfire?


relative to chat and video conference why not

a mattermost plugin to create video room

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@stephdl speaking of mattermost.
can we never find a way to make it work with ldap?

if you are ready to pay, yes, it is not officially supported I guess in the community edition.

Did I never talk of sustainable way of code :slight_smile:

am never a fan of paying per user billing for something i am hosting on my own server.
makes no sense. plus, these per user per month, though small costs, but if you add other solutions that you have to pay similarly, the price can get to 1k per user per month easily

I know but nothing is free in this wild world, even the bandwidth of my server :smiley:

back to mattermost, you have plenty of the plugins, really impressive

Because we already have a howto and it’s an alternative.

On Jitsi meet integration I am already working to use it with a matrix bridge, nice that it works with ejabberd too.

wonderful, looking forward to that integration. would be nice and fun and productive

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It is for this that I have requested to change Chat server by Ejabberd XMPP server, and it is possible to have several XMPP server possibilities:

  • Ejabberd XMPP server
  • Jackal XMPP server
  • Metronome IM
  • Openfire
  • Prosody IM
  • Tigase XMPP server

I came accross this discussion here:

Basically someone managed to get bigbluebutton to workon nextcloud.
Now thats more Like it.


There is also a BBB plugin for moodle
And @mrmarkuz has created a moodle module
But it needs some attention and updating. (but I understood that’s in the works as we speak…

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can Moodle be used in a multi schools environment, or only a single installation per school?

here is the source code for the project:

Basically he replaced the original spreed nextcloud talk, with what he built.

This version he forked from the original next cloud talk.
This is extremely close to what i am talking about.

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So we can Have a seprate bigbluebutton server deployed on a seprate server, then this app installed the way we install nethserve modules, then configure the necessary config items to get the location of BBBlocation and we are good to go.

First i need to deploy BBButon and then test this on existing Nethserve risntance…
If it works, get way to automate deployment of this app. and have all schools use same BBButton server, but different nextcloud instances, which can be deployed on small vps from stored block storage

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I honestly don’t know if this is the wise approach. I found this trhead on moodle forums:
And a bit more searching it looks like this is possible:
And on Moodle docs:

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Great! BBB would really be an improvement.

Why multi-tenancy? Nethserver doesn’t support multi-tenancy. To reach it you can always have more instances.
Wouldn’t it be better for a school to be independant? What advantages/synergies do you see when having more schools in one BBB or moodle?

There is no need for NethServer to support multi tenancy if the application (IE BBB and/or Moodle) supports it.


That’s basically right.
What if we want to use the LDAP/AD userbase or mailserver which does not support it?
Why do we need it?

Honestly I am not a big fan of multi-tenancy, it’s more a reseller thing than it does improve technology IMO.