Collabora (Nextcloud)

NethServer Version: NS7RC3 updated
Module: SOGo, Nextcloud

Hi there,
I am using NS7 since winter 2016. Before NS7 I almost realized my services using debianbased systems for many years. So I am not really familiar with centos, suse or redhat until now. It never has been necessary because Nethserver is really easy to configure and works rocksolid for me, … until I tried to use collabora. I just installed it from NS Softwarecenter (don’t know what docker is), gave it the domain from nextcloud admin page. It does not work. All I get are Links to, Try to … and so on. I never used any 3rdparty things but the NS Softwarecenter for installing the apps, configuring mail, domain and certs, etc.

The Problem: (nextcloud,adminarea, logging)
GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException: cURL error 60: Peer’s certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the user.

Would be nice to get from here. Don’t know why collabora does not use the cert build by NS7. Nextcloud does, SOGo does and I copied some wordpressinstallations which even do.

Please help. I want this feature !!!
Best wishes, viele Grüße, salute,

Do you have installed Collabora using the NextCloud appcenter? I guess that isn’t so easy you need many additional software and integrations in order to make it work

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For sure, installed it from AppCenter. What are the additional things I have to do? I saw the video tutorial from collaboras page, but I don’t know if its good for my Nethserver, cause everything works perfect at it. I think the video tutorial shows a free installation on a debian lamp. It’s a little different from NS7, isn’t it? It would be nice to have a HowTo for NS-Users to get it run.

Many thanks for listening, Swen.

For testing I would build a virtual mashine with a second nethserver installation. So you can do a snapshot, start your tests and if it doesn’t work go back to the point before your test.

It’s not a howto, but please have a look at the link Collabora Online in Nethserver-Nextcloud Alessio has posted. At message 22 and 23 are solutions for certificate problems. Perhap it helps.

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@ghost @flatspin did a great work on that, they may help you

Please start here : Collabora Online in Nethserver-Nextcloud
and scroll down. You should be fine if you follow the steps as described.
Most importantly the prereqs are 2 domain names and their associated letsencrypt certificates else you will go into endless loops.

good luck

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Thanks a lot. I will try this as soon as possible and will report.

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