Collabora install issue

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Collabora Online
Database: LDAP

After installing Nextcloud and Vhosts I installed nethserver-collabora using yum(it wasn’t available from softwarecenter).

Then I executed(from
config setprop loolwsd VirtualHost collabora.domain.tld
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

Because I wasn’t able to see a virtualhost in the gui, I manually added a new one with forced SSL and requested a new LE-cert. To make sure, I executed above commands again.

When I go to collabora.domain.tld, I am presented with the default Nethserver page.

The virtualhost GUI is for custom vhosts only, software packages use their own vhosts not shown in GUI. Please remove your added vhost and try again.

Wasn’t home, not able to execute.

Removed vhost, executed both commands again, rebooted. Problem persists.

collabora.domain.tld now shows my homepage @ domain.tld.

Any suggestions?

Collabora works in Nextcloud, you have to install Nextcloud to work with it, see the docs.

Without a specific path like in the Collabora admin page ( you get the Nethserver default page. That’s ok.

To check the virtualhosts:

httpd -S