Cockpit: user password change problem (no problem in nethgui)

When we change a password:

Nethgui (no problem):

Change the password of an user one first time, no problem.
Change a password of this or an another user, you can see ******* in “Confirm password” and if you show password, there is the last password.

I think I got it too…

Does the password disappear if you reload the page (Ctrl + F5) and come back to the same form?

Is it the same with another browser? I use FF70

After a reload (F5) or a page change, it is disappear.
Tested on Firefox and Opera.
But if the machine is always on the same page, it is not good…

Maybe it is same in:

Yes the bug is reproducible. Just filed the bug report here:

Edit: packages are available for testing


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