Cockpit proxy filter info not live, summary per month?

In the proxy filter page of cockpit, the upperpart seems to be live but the lower part is not. It displays zero blocked hosts and catogories for the current day. This should be live.

Also: Is there a possiblility to display the statistics for the past or summaries for the whole week or month?

Post scriptum:
In the meantime I got some blocked hosts in the lower part, but still only one host in the uppoer “Top 5 Hosts”.

Such stats can’t be live because they are loaded from the log file and the parsing is CPU consuming.
On slow hardware, the process can take up to several seconds.
Actually everything is cached for 60 minutes:
You can try to lower the cache duration to see how the system behaves and let us know.
Eventually we can lower the cache lifetime, but I wouldn’t got lower than 15 minutes.

Almost :slight_smile: You can use the general Dante reports where you can select a specific range of time.

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