Cockpit preview


(Gerald) #61


have installed the new cockpit today for testing and may say wowwwww!

Something habituation needs but just awesome!


(Ralf Jeckel) #62

I’ve a Ooops :grin:


Java console says:


Could not realize an impact. Just this “Ooops”.

EDIT: It’s the Softwarecenter. No updates are found in cockpit.
If I’d read read the above, I’d seen it. :blush:

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #63

Thank you Ralf, I will try to reproduce.
Could you please paste the output from the command reported inside the console (echo ...).
Just cut&paste it in a shell to get the output.

@edoardo_spadoni could you please take a look?

(Ralf Jeckel) #64

`echo ‘{“action”:“list-updates”}’ | /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/system-packages/read | jq
“hints”: {
“count”: 0
“nethserver_upgrade”: 0,
“updates”: []

(Edoardo Spadoni) #65

There is a missing check on object attributes, thank you @flatspin, fixed :wink:

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #66

Fix released: nethserver-cockpit-0.1.1-1.ns7.noarch.rpm

(Héctor Pérez) #67

Installed the 1.0.1 Version is working the backup!!! Yupiiee!

(Ralf Jeckel) #68

My test-vm is on 7.6 beta 2 with release-lock.
Can’t get cockpit-0.1.1.-1. update.
Also with release-unlocked.
Which repo to use?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #69

Sorry, something broke on the RPM publications.
The package is now on the master mirror, you can wait for repo sync or download directly from it:

(HF) #70

I just installed the latest version as per instructions, but I get the oops…

(Ralf Jeckel) #71

Waited for repo sync. Update done. No more Ooops! :+1:
Check for update works.

@LayLow are you sure you are on Version 0.1.1-1? On my side it works.

rpm -qa nethserver-cockpit

(HF) #72

[root@srv01 ~]# rpm -q nethserver-cockpit

Now doing a yum update --enablerepo=nethserver-testing (again)

Seems a mid air collision…

(Ralf Jeckel) #73

I think you don’t have to enable testing repo. It’s in base repo.

(HF) #74

This is waht I did a mere few hour ago (Itlay was sleeping :wink: )

yum update --enablerepo=nethserver-testing

I truly believe a more robust transition and upgrade path is required.

(Roland Engelsma) #75

So, as soon as ns 7.6 is fully released, we’ll be able to get the
new server manager as alpha product for testing? Since my previous
experiences with kockpit itself weren’t that great, at least not during the short time I tryed. (main culprate was the services page) I’m all for
second chances. What I do wonder though, is
Since the current server manager doesn’t throw up any hardships
(or I have yet to encounter them:) ) in at least ff and chrome for
windows, combined with screen reading software, will reporting
such events be helpful / apriciated. In all likelyhood a strange
thing to ask, but I’d like to get a clear idea of what can and
can’t be reported later on to keep things useful.
Not sure why, but I just now saw the first post in this topic, so an edit was in order to take out things that have already been answered. Not switching over to the “test branch” because don’t have a second system for testing, and vm’s aren’t yet possible until I find someone to go through the bios with me to turn on the required virtualisation components. So, I’m sort of, looking foward to 7.6 release, even though I not so much like new things, but with an early start things might actually surpass current system and improve upon them… who knows.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #76

I’m not sure about what are you asking for, but you can install cockpit alongside the old server manager.

(Carlo Minucci) #77

[root@backup ~]# git clone
Cloning into ‘nethserver-cockpit’…
Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address ‘’ to the list of known hosts.
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
[root@backup ~]#


(Giacomo Sanchietti) #78

Maybe you don’t have your SSH public key published to Github?
In this case, use http protocol for cloning:

git clone

(Carlo Minucci) #79

thank you, now it’s ok

(Dr Thomas Quinton) #80

Is the hotsync app not working anymore in the actual cockpit?