Cockpit preview

@giacomo cockpit was mentioned in a couple of topics regarding feature enhancement or UX redesign of the admin interface.

So, killing question is: are there any kind of ETA (double underlined on estimated, not requested) for this new admin interface?

The work is in progress: you can see a lot of work inside the GitHub repo, along with the new doc:

I hope to have something workable (maybe an alpha?) for the end of 2018 (or the begging of 2019), but priorities may change at any time :slight_smile:


Thanky you.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

It’s a big change, I hope we can discuss Cockpit evolution at NethServer conference too :slight_smile:

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The work is in progress, and the core part is almost done.

What is missing to complete the core:

  • Network: configuration of physical interfaces, PPPoE and static routes
  • Software center and applications management (you can’t install new modules)
  • i18n workflow

Everything else is ready to be tested.
We would also like to know what are you thinking about the new Network page which is really a work in progress.

How to install? Just execute:

yum update && yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-cockpit

Then access your server at port 9090.

Please report your feelings!

/cc @davidep @filippo_carletti


Great job! /cc @edoardo_spadoni

I love the “hints” pattern over the “wizard” one :wink:

I hope to develop the Active Directory BDC/slave role UI on Cockpit soon :pray:


Wow!!! Looks great. Love it. :heart_eyes:

Can’t await this to be standard UI! Is there a roadmap or timetable for this project?


Please read my post above. :slight_smile:

Looks amazing and growing day after day

The cockpit based server-manager is really nice and a big step forward.
It is responsive and I love the modern looks;
Big thumps up and looking forward to its release. :+1::+1:

(Do not forget the above while reading the next.)

I love graphs but they need to be meaningful and accurate.

  • IMO the dashboard-cpu graph is not accurate, it represents the single-thread load. On a multicore system , let’s say 4 cores, the y-axis should show 400% (or the value divided by 4). And this does not even take the scaling-governor (actual clock speed) in to account. To reproduce install stress and pound one core for a while (stress -c 1 --timeout 30s) and observe the cpu graph going to 100%.
  • The memory graph is not meaningful, it seems to represent used memory+buffers+cache and do not see the point to have an live stream graph of this value. Goodness is in the pipeline from the cockpit project :heart_eyes: here and here . Still, would a streaming representation of memory IO per second be more useful?
  • The auto-scaling y-axis of {Disk, Network}-IO/s make those graphs hard to interpret. I have to admit to be unable to give a better suggestion.

Cockpit has some dependencies which are not really needed, specific for my raid-less test-system mdadm, but also NetworkManager and Udisks. To my understanding the latter two for their dbus capabilities. Despite the demonstration of shear possibilities of dbus with the streaming graphs; are my feelings regarding dbus as the ideal IPC for a server at least ambiguous.
Therefor very happy to see the nethserver-api implementation which does not heavily rely on the dbus. I’m curious about the thoughts/background to break with the upstream cockpit-philosophy on this topic.

Again I really like this :heart_eyes:
(and it work’s on arm too :wink: )


Looks like a bit different ?

You are right after updating nethserver-cockpit it looks like this;
From the bright side :sunny: some of my objections regarding the graphs are solved. :grin:

pounding one core (stress -c 1 --timeout 60s) and both cores (stress -c 2 --timeout 60s)

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We just copied old cockpit graphs. Let’s ask @edoardo_spadoni if is easy enough to pull latest upstream modifications inside our page.

Because writing a simple script in whatever language is much simpler than trying to understand the ugly DBUS protocol :wink:
Also, I don’t like DBUS…

Totally agree. Lets see what the future brings i got the feeling dbus is pushed into the server environment by rhel.

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I’ve just pulled the latest CPU graph that show the number of the cores. For the memory part it’s not so simple, maybe it’s better to wait a better implementation from the upstream and pull down the updates in our system later.

If you want to checkout the new CPU graph simply update from testing repos :smiley:


Thank you @edoardo_spadoni the cpu graph is accurate now. :+1:

BTW I see /usr/share/cockpit/nethserver/manifest.json is fixed and we land on the nethsever dashboard (:9090/nethserver) again. Is it an idea to “lock” one demo version while devolvement goes on so people how are late to the party get something nice to play with?

Demo version is dead, long live the Alpha release! :wink:

We are pushing to the public to gather feedback and fix bugs while the development is in progress.


Which version-number has Alpha 1?
I’ve nethserver-cockpit-0.0.5-1.26.g17ad52b.ns7.noarch.
Is Alpha 1 only for 7.6 or also for 7.5 available?

Everything is still available on 7.5.
To be sure to always pull latest release from testing:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing clean all
yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-cockpit

I love the new cockpit- great job done- congrats