Cockpit-machines: KVM inside cockpit

a dutch saying is:

maak wat klaar is
eet wat gaar is

translation (in dutch it rimes…)

prepare what is ready
eat what is cooked

in French (according to google)

préparer ce qui est prêt
mange ce qui est cuit


Good advice :smiley:

looking the spec file you pointed, we have requirements for other cockpit-* rpm, however cockpit-machines is less hard to build

%package -n cockpit-machines
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: Cockpit user interface for virtual machines
Requires: cockpit-bridge >= 186
Requires: cockpit-system >= 186
%if 0%{?suse_version}
Requires: libvirt-daemon-qemu
Requires: libvirt-daemon-kvm
Requires: libvirt-client
Requires: libvirt-dbus >= 1.2.0
# Optional components
#Recommends: virt-install
#Recommends: libosinfo
#Recommends: python3-gobject-base

%description -n cockpit-machines
The Cockpit components for managing virtual machines.

If "virt-install" is installed, you can also create new virtual machines.

%files -n cockpit-machines -f machines.list

this explains why it is so simple to install it on centos7

to build it on el7 it’s not just adopting the BuildRequires: but you need to patch too:

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This is probably a no go, I saw it

It seems that cockpit-machines is still under development, for example you cannot do a snapshot of the vm, not a so often used feature but sure I will miss it

Among other things the reason I had abandoned it in the past (use this a lot for testing).

It’s comming though:

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Cloning is workable, tested it yesterday :wink:

They are working hard on the machines module the last months, only this module is over 140 commits ahead of el7.

Let’s hope they backport it.

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Do not know, they started to move to paternfly 4 for cockpit, we use v3. I do not believe it is possible even if I cross my fingers.

pushed an update of cockpit-machines, still not fully on my repo: cockpit-machines-238.2-1.el8.noarch

yum install

Bonjour @stephdl, hello all,
I just discovered this contrib and I find it really easy to use, which is fine by me (I’m just a noob)!
Is this contrib stable? Can it be used in production, if not will it be soon/one day?
Merci !

Hey good to see you

No this was a POC because cockpit needs a major version with libraries not available with centos7. Morever if you need to virtualize it is better to install proxmox then virtualize NethServer and other distros you need

Thanks for your answer.
I was afraid to have to use proxmox… which I find rather complicated.
But well, ok I’ll look into it…


Salut Laurant

I think you’ll find Proxmox quite easy to use, once you actually start with it.
If you need any tips or pointers, don’t hesitate to PM me.

Mes deux centimes

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Proxmox is easy :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :wink: