Clean the rpm mirror

I saw that the rpm mirror gets a lot of old rpm. this is for example nethforge :

it is possible to clean it easily by a cron, first : yum install yum-utils


#! /bin/bash
rm -f $(repomanage --o --keep=2 /path/2/NethServer/7/)
rm -f $(repomanage --o --keep=2 /path/2/NethServer/6/)

you can test it by replacing the command rm by ls or mv/cp to test it first :slight_smile:

Ok it is just cosmetic, good weekend

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Hi Stephane,
thanks for it.
I think it’s a howto, should we move it to HowTo section?

/cc @alefattorini

The mirrors should be a 1-to-1 copy of the master mirror.

Please note that a repository can contain multiple release of the same RPM for historical reasons and for supporting RPM downgrade.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Done

Centos keeps 5 versions of rpm…ns aims to be full centos compatible


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