Clamav failed to scan email with an attachment in email

I just verified it: the fix works correctly by my side!

@stephdl it’s ok to release for me.

thank mate

Please do it if you want to help the development of nethserver :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank again for the reporting of this bug and the help to test it


Ok! I Understand!:grinning:
What to do?
no emails are sent
I See Symbols in rspamd

CLAM_VIRUS_FAIL (0) [failed to scan and retransmits exceed]

after install your package

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released as nethserver-mail-*-2.6.1 version


After the last update
I still see

CLAM_VIRUS_FAIL (0) [failed to scan and retransmits exceed]

and email is not delivered
Sorry my English…


So it is good

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I understand correctly
if “soft reject” occurs
Will there be a delay in email delivery?
And how much time will it be?

This is up to the sender smtp, but he can try as sooner and longer its policy. In general the next try is in the hour

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Thank you!

I noticed in rspamd that when “Scan Time” is more than 15 seconds, then “Action” = “Soft Reject”.
I want to try to change the time “scan time”
maybe my mail server needs more than 15 seconds.
How to do it?

Would you mind to paste the full log transaction please

I answered in private messages :grinning:

I need when the smtp initiated the connection to when the smtp milter close the connection. Only the rspamd line cannot help to understand

Moreover it could be nice to use a pastebin or github gist

Thank in advance

where does this data come from?
from smtp client?
I use thunderbird

If you look the /var/log/maillog you can see when the connection is initiated by the remote smtp and when your smtp close the connection.

I need all the transactions please

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Not sure i understand what is your issue, I saw indeed an email without clamav scan, then it has been soft rejected, then I saw a lot of messages relative to a rspamd reboot

I don’t think you can adjust the time, it is a static value, 2 or 3 *5 seconds, then if clamav does’t answer, it goes to soft reject

check this code snippet

when clamav doesn’t answer during 5seconds and two time attempts, then we soft reject the mail, this is not a value you can modify without the risk to reach the rspamd timeout.

my users have begun to complain very often that they cannot
send emails.
In rspamd, I see that they are all Actions=Soft reject.
This happens very, very often.
We all use Thunderbird and users see this message on screenshot.

Without maillog we cannot understand what it occurs, try to catch when the error occurs

where your users send the email, to internal or external mailbox ?

what smtp do you use to send the email, the nethserver one, or an external