Chronyd does not start

I got a samba file server installed on a NS 7.5 system in a Proxmox container. The VM could be joined to the AD and almost everything works exept for the chronyd service which won’t start. There is no error message in the logs.
And the access to the shares from a window machine is denied stating that the time of the file server is not synced with the AD primary controller. But they all have the same date and time.
Any ideas?

Cheers, Ralph

Maybe the time in the nsdc container is different? Just an idea…

/usr/bin/systemd-run -M nsdc -q -t date

Please check the service status:

systemctl status chronyd -l

I get:
start condition failed at Thu 2018-05-24 19:52:09 CEST; 16h ago
ConditionCapability=CAP_SYS_TIME was not met
My guess is that chrony does not work in a lxc container because date and time are handled by the hypervisor.

You’re right.

What if you try to connect with smbclient from Nethserver?


smbclient //nsdc-YOURNETHSERVER/netlogon -U admin

Did you try from another Windows machine, maybe the error is there?