Chrony Doesn't Seem to Synchronize My Network Computers

My NS7 is configured for SAMBA AD as well as DHCP Server (etc.) but my network computers time is not synchronized. I thought all computers in my network (even those not members of the AD) will get their date and time from the DHCP Server. Do I still need to install ntp and ntpdate to get the functionality? Or are there still configurations with chrony that I need to do?

Sorry for late reply, did you find a solution?
As long as Samba DC is up to date the ntp service is installed on nsdc container and AD members will sync time with it.

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IIRC the DHCP server does not suggest any NTP server by default. It must be explicitly set under DHCP > DHCP server > [device] > Advanced settings

Windows clients connect to their DC, by default. I don’t know what happens if DHCP server suggests a NTP time source.

So if you want to set one, I’d try to assign the AD IP address to the “NTP servers” field.