Choosing updates to install

Sometimes there is a good reason to install the most updates but not every update. If there is one update what crashes my config, I won’t install it, but I won’t to forego the other updates.
So I think it’s a good idea to choose the updates to install and to have the chance to deactivate an update for the future.

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Hi Michael,

there was a similar discussion in June:

Especially this statement of giacomo convinced me.

What do you think about it?


sorry for hacking this topic, apply updates are always a good practice.


And if you are expert enough to select some updates, you can master the command line and yum, for sure.

CentOS and NethServer updates are designed to not break current configuration.
This is why our customers have daily automatic updates :wink:

You can still do it.
Feel free to use the command line to tweak yum configuration!
If you have any doubt, please ask :slight_smile:

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I see this as more than just an update selector. In an ideal network (seen from the sysadmins point of view :wink: ) updates are are approved first before rolling them out. This could even be extended with client updates (what used to be WSUS in the Windows world)
In an ultimate world, also packages for applications are managed that way. (maybe we should add puppet as a module)


thanks for your answers.

We have had the problem with the sogo webinterface Error in SOGo webinterface after beta2 updates
After every update you have to repair (yes I know, it’s beta).
Primarily I’m a windows administrator and I’m learning to go with linux. But at this time I think I can decide what I want to install, but I’m not so far with doing everything in terminal

I totally agree with @giacomo if you can decide what installs and what not you will have a bunch of different installations, some fixed and others full of bugs :neutral_face:
Regarding the problem above, you should bear in mind that we were in BETA so those things happen :wink:


Ok Alessio, I’m with you, this is a good point.
You have to know I’m a windows administrator and bugs in updates are normal for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: