Changing Mailstorage Location

NethServer Version: v7
Module: eMail


Sorry for my first question probably being a stupid one, but I just started to quiddle around with nethserver last weekend.

How do I set a specific location for mail storage?
I want to store mails on an extra drive that is mounted as e.g. /mailstorage but there seems to be no way too do this in the webgui.

I already tried making the …/vmail path a symlink pointing to my /mailstorage and though it seems to work atm, it doesn’t feel like a proper solution and I don’t know if that could cause problems that I’m missing.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Hallo @birnsepp !

And welcome to the NethServer community!

Our Motto here: The only stupid questions are the ones not asked! :slight_smile:

What you did will work, and even be safe along updates. But there are good reasons why this is not intended, nor are there options in the GUI to do this… (Your initial “gut” feeling is right!).

  1. A single disk? Why not, if sticking to 25 year old concepts, put in a mirrored RAID1?
  2. Is that disk correctly automounted in fstab for the next reboot?
  3. Will that disk get backled up with NethServer’s backup? (In your case, you can add in an additional path to include in your backups).

As said, a baremetal install on a box with mirrored disks is a typical setup for a SME (small & medium enterprises) setup since the 1990s… Nowadays, one doesn’t install a server software on hardware - you install it on a class 1 Hypervisor, like Proxmox (or VMWare, or, shudder, HyperV).
This gives you several advantages like snapshots before critical updates, high availability, fast migration, complete backup solution included and much much more!

I’m using Proxmox for my 30 clients and at home. After 15+ years of using VMWare, I switched to Proxmox and never regretted the move. Proxmox is my choice since 7 years now…
(And yes, I did use VMWare before 2000 !).

See here for some ideas:

My 2 cents

PS Very Important! :slight_smile:

Please do NOT use stupid non-existant domain names like .local or .lan.
Even Microsoft suggests NOT to use such names since a few years now, going away from their earlier, stupid suggestions.

In 35 years, I’ve ALWAYS seutp Windows Domains with real, existing domain names and never had issues. Then again, I am considered a DNS “guru”! :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

thank you for your quick response.

  1. Of course you’re right, a single disk is not a good solution for storage in a productive environment, but at the moment i’m just playing around with Nethserver and it’s features for fun and try to figure out how everything is working together - for that purpose it should be fine.
  2. Yes. The disk is automounted correctly.
  3. Nope. But as soon as I use it for anything of value, I will of course back it up :wink:

Also thanks for your tipps with Proxmox - that now will be the next thing, I’ll tinker with. :+1: