Change windows server to nethserver

good morning !
I’m wanting to remove the Microsoft server from the company, currently the version we have is windows server 2012, we don’t migrate to a more recent version because of the license price, we have 15 users in AD, and we also use it as a file server.
server configuration.
INTER(R) XEON(R) CPU E5-1603 V3 @ 2.80GHZ
windows server 2012
SQL 2016.
I want to use this server to install nethserver.
the problem and ERP software that does not have opensource support, the manufacturer requires processor configuration.
Intel XEON or better and 16 GB memory.
my next debt will be that I can use the desktop that we have and core i5 10th generation 16gb to install this ERP software.

I would like your help to clear this doubt.
thank you in advance

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Hi @tiagusamaral

Your (10 year old) hardware can run Proxmox.
That means you could install Proxmox as Base OS, inside Proxmox NethServer - and a VM running Windows (Server or maybe even Workstation with SQL Server and ERP…).

I have a similiar setup for a client. Before was also running SBS2011 or 12 with SQL Server and ERP.
Now it’s a NethServer 7.9 on Proxmox, and a Win10 Workstation also on Proxmox, using MS-SQL Server and ERP as a Domain Member of the NethServer AD.
The client is very happy with it, we migrated beginning 2020, and until now, we’ve even made a major Upgrade to Prioxmox, from 7 → 8… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


thank you very much for the feedback, these communities have helped me a lot with my doubts. :grinning:

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And believe me…, this is a really ingenious construct.



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