Change FQDN after installing

I want to change the FQDN after installing the nethserver. but after change not able to access my shares . its says client not found in kereberos database.

i have changed to

which files i have to changed … please help!!!

If you changed the FQDN and you use the Active Directory account provider then you may have to rejoin the client as you had to uninstall Active Directory first to change the FQDN and so the client computer is not in the domain anymore.


Yep, so uninstall AD > unjoin all devices > change name > rejoin and that should work. Make sure that name has been changed/unjoined everywhere though, if you have a gateway/firewall or anything else pushing DHCP etc.

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This is an old topic but just want to check with you guys. I potentially have to redo my naming convention for my network. I already have Nethserver installed with an AD, Zabbix and Dokuwiki. The only thing joined with the AD right now is Dokuwiki. My AD has users created already.

The tricky part is with Dokuwiki which by default on Nethserver 7.x binds to the AD. What will be the end result of I uninstall the AD, change the my FQDN, and recreate my AD? I presume that all the users will get wiped with their home directories automatically… What happens to Dokuwiki? If I already have stuff in there created by the Nethserver admin, will I lose everything?


You can copy ut the whole Dokuwiki folder, replace it on a new server, and set perms…

No database making stuff complicated…

When you say “new server”, I will not reinstall the entire server, just uninstall the AD, change the name of the server and reinstall the server. So all the data will remain there. So I am not sure why I would need to copy the data out? Unless you are suggesting that for that part it is best to just reinstall dokuwiki. Is that is so, where is the data folder for dokuwiki?

and maybe

A backup too many is better than Schroedingers Backup… :slight_smile:

Thanks, backing those two folders is pretty simple… Heck, I’ll backup the entire Nethserver, easy task now with Proxmox.

From your experience, should I experience problems with Zabbix? Or anything else?

Zabbix isn’t in AD, so should have no issues.

The DB Backup for Zabbix is under /var/lib/nethserver/zabbix/ AFAIK…

Thanks for the info! In any case, I’ll do a Proxmox backup before. Now I’m glad I didn’t link all my critical systems to the AD :wink:

It’s not hard to unlink / relink with AD, if no stuff like Windows User Profiles or such are around…
If you don’t have any problems, get yourself Windows… :slight_smile:

Seems like I like problems :frowning:. And that because I sometimes play games. And I wont link any of my four problems to the AD anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


A friend of mine had a client who built up their whole ERP / CRM on a lady employee’s account. OK, she had know-how and a bit of experience in that area, and was a long term employee. When she left the company, someone erased that user, only to find out they had “Schroedingers Backups” - nothing left!

All Data gone, as they existed in that users profile! Really bad planning!

Someone must have felt like a
sad panda

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Just to update you guys, terminating my DC and creating a new one was painless. I recreated my users and Dokuwiki worked again since it already has the admin defined in the list of users.

I did notice something that I didn’t notice before. When I go under “Access Control List Management” I was expecting to see the list of users and groups I defined in the Active Directory but nothing was in there. I had to manually add groups and users under Configuration Settings->Authentication. So perhaps something is wrong?

UPDATE : Disregard, I found the issue :slight_smile: It is an option to allow people to at least see the namespace if they don’t have access or not under Configuration Settings->Display->sneaky_index

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