CentOS 8 released

I am surprised nobody mentioned (noticed??? :stuck_out_tongue: ) the release of CentOS 8 on tuesday 24th 2019.
Time for working towards the next major release of NethServer? (I know it’s in the works…)

/edit: I see that @dz00te mentioned this yesterday: RHEL 8 released / Centos 8 Status page
Anyway, I think this major event deserves a separate topic…


I’m preparing the list of features that will be removed in NethServer 8, ok? :laughing:


Argggh… NethServer is following Zentyal in features?.. LOL

…that’s the reason why major releases occur :wink:

Will L2TP VPNS will come back?

They’re planned with the next WinXP release :grin:

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C’mon… It’s on all OSes currently on market/devices.
I mean… IpSec still rocks (was integrated partially in IPv6) even it’s not that flexible as OpenVPN can be… L2TP could be a nice add IMVHO

Which things are going to change with the 8 version @davidep ?

Who knows it? AFAIK the work on ns8 didn’t start yet. We’re still working on 7.7.