CentOS 6.10 has been released

It seems another minor version has come!



NOTE: There is NO mechanism to pick only partial upgrades of packages to CentOS-6.10. All packages and updates to the 6.10 tree are built against the 6.10 tree and may not work correctly with older 6.x packages. If you want some packages in 6.10, please upgrade all packages. You will have issues if you perform only partial updates.

Steamy hot summer for developers…

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Last time the update from 6.8 to 6.9 was straightforward

Still learning, need to ask:

The (newbie) users in the Locked origin, we need to wait right?

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It’s an update for Nethserver 6 in this case but in general you are right.


The mirrorlist script has been temporary replaced to avoid unwanted updates.
We will switch back to the original one as soon as the update has been tested.