Cannot access the Web UI

I just installed Nethserver with a USB Drive, and I’m not able to access the Web UI with https://IP:980.
during the installation, i set a static IP and ifconfig shows it right. I’m able to ping between the machines. Also, I installed Nethserver once before but it had not stored the network configuration. I’m a bit clueless, since it is supposed to work out of the box…:hushed:


Try https://ip:980

ooops, I forgot the “s” in my post, but I tried it already. Any other idea? Some sort of check I could make?

What version did you try to install? 6.8 or 7.2beta?
6.8 can’t be fully installed via usb, i.e. after reboot you need to type some commands:

7.2beta works out of the box from usb.


oh ok, I took the 6.8. Is the 7.2 beta already stable enough for everyday use (at home)?
Actually, I downloaded the ISO and made a bootable stick with suse studio Image Writer, so it should work right?

Yes, it is!

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Ok, so if I can’t figure it out I’ll maybe re-install one more time.
*I edited my last post, I used the full iso and did a fresh install with it.

There are no know bugs (ok, one
I’m using it in production.


So I basically burnt the ISO to my USB stick and installed the whole system from there, in this case it should work right of the box am I correct?

Anyway, I installed the new beta and it’s working now :slight_smile:

I’m wondering what was causing the issue though.

Just a quick comment, if anybody is considering using a USB drive as an installation medium, be aware that some of the more popular ISO to USB bootable writing / burning tools will not work with CentOS 7 and NS7.

It is recommended not to use tools such as unetbootin or “universal usb installler”.

Further information can be found at:

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I saw this, and when I made the Drive with unetbootin it didn’t start. But when I used Suse Studio, it booted up so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.

Im also using mine on 2 production machines now and no know issues…
Except some of the extra add-ons…

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