Can someone verify I am doing migration ok?

So I managed to use the migration service of NS7 to NS8 and I decided to only migrate my mail system (and user provider that is samba).
Migration tool found my mail service and POP3/IMAP connector and webtop.
I pressed to start migration.
I also pressed to sync it (although I believe the initial “start migration” does a sync anyway), that finished.

I am at THIS point and will not press “finish migration”, before you (please) verify below:

  1. At this point have my mailbox contents been copied? Or will it happen when I press “finish”?

  2. At this point, my connector settings (to imapsync) have been pushed to NS8 or will happen when I press finish?

  3. Do I need to edit smarthost somewhere manually or will be migrated? (because I do use smarthost for sending mail in NS7)

  4. I see the three new services are stopped and need configuration (but didn’t touch it), I need to ignore this and will happen automatically by “finish migration”?

Thank you for “stupid proofing” my process.

Mail has not yet the Smarthost/Relayhost implemention. You can either discard the migration at any time before Finish, or proceed and configure Postfix with a customization, as discussed in

About the Finish button: until you press it, nothing is changed on ns7 module side, and services are not started in the ns8 corresponding module(s).


Thank you for your reply.
I think I will wait for the RC that implements this (smarthost) instead of doing manual under-the-hood edits.

I understand that before pressing finish button nothing is changed in NS7 and services are not started in NS8. But the question remains, after the last sync, are mailboxes (contents) physically already in NS8, just not used yet?
In other words, the big “traffic” between NS7 and NS8 is already done?

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Yes, in the case of Mail, big traffic happens in the first Sync run. The Finish run is just a resync with ns7 Postfix and Dovecot stopped.

The migration procedure then passes the control to ns8, where services are configured and started: if you have DNS records to change this is the time to do it.