Can' remove applications in admin panel

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: Cockpit

I can`t remove Applications in the admin panel. On choosing “Entfernen”(remove) I get a warning window that tries to list all packages that would be removed and wants me to accept that. But the list does not load (wheel keeps spinning), so the only option is to cancel.

Background: I want to do a full reinstall of nextcloud. But I also tried other applications (like dokuwiki) with the same result.

If yum remove nethserver-nextcloud does the job, then I am fine. Nevertheless it is strange behaviour in the admin interface.

Can you access the server through SSH or just log in to the server so you have a terminal?
Then you can try to remove the module through yum remove modulename
You must have root permissions. If you log in with some other account than root, use sudo yum remove modulename

Don’t forget that sometimes removing the module do not mean remove the underlying package and every time won’t remove the installed configuration.

I am aware of the cli commands, there are detailed instructions on reinstalling/removing nextcloud in the nethserver documentation.

They recommend removing the application on the web interface “Applications” page first (before yum remove), that’s why I tried so.

If it is not necessary (and not even working?) it would be better to remove that advice.

btw: uninstalling nc on cli worked as expected.

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