Can receive mail but can't deliver

I have verified the domain by adding CNAME records to my domain provider. After that, I created an API key for SMTP relay with its own API key as username and with the generated password but it’s still not working. Or was it actually useful what I have done now?

I don’t know what service you buyed from SendGrid.
If it’s SMTP Service, something seems not right into

Now, as I can see, it works. What I have done previously is trying to set Sendgrid as smarthost. Now, I set it up as a Relay and it seems to be working. Will I need to do this for every email address on my server? (Sender gap)

I think that the project has to be reviewed from the top for avoid little and big mistake before proceed…

It works for every mailboxes. Thank you for your help!! :DDD

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Sorry I didn’t get back to this until late, but glad you got it sorted out.