Can not access Samba shares

Good is working!

Even this one is working :wink:

When I send the smbclient … at the SUSE I get also a positiv answer.

So Samba on Nethserver seems to be OK.
Windows cliend’s can connect and have the shares - OK

The Problem is at the SUSE-side
Do you have an ideea why the SUSE can not automount shares ?


yes the samba runs but I can not access the releases.

i am currently updating samba nethserver is being updated

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after today’s update, it went …

the users are again authenticated and access to the shares works again.

For whatever reason…

ps: do the test with the printer / scanner and the STB


All Systems up again- great job done- thanks a lot!!!



So first of all thanks, since the last update from 17.12.2018 everything is back.

But why was it?

Do we run the risk that it will meet us?



I have this on my Fedora28 laptop running quite well

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