Call for action from QA team 2016_05

Some of us fixed some small bugs, nothing critical, but sometimes annoying.
To release updates, we need a formal verification.
Here’s the list of updates to be verified:

Only a note about issue 3389 (backup data corruption): corruption could happen on backup resume, an unlikely scenario in NethServer. A full verification would need the script attached to the ubuntu launchpad issue, but we can safely assume that the updated duplciity works correctly.


I just added a new issue to be tested, the new release of webtop.
The webtop package has been split into multiple packages to reduce disk and bandwidth usage on all mirrors (this is for you @stephdl! :wink: )

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@quality_team would you like to help?
Anyone else wants to help out? Check this great howto!

a fast recap for who wants to help:

the same list but on redmine:

other qa/test threads:
Call for test Stephdl modules Call for test Stephdl modules

nethserver-arpwatch Nethserver-arpwatch: Needs Tests



We just release a couple of very needed fixes for samba and winexe:

Please test!


update QA for the may session…
most of works done by @giacomo, tnx :slight_smile:

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