Building Support Team

Over the last period I have seen a lot of people spending much time helping newcomers out here in community :two_men_holding_hands:
I am very proud of that because the #humanfactor is a BIG “feature” of our community and we always try to stay focused on the quality of help, rather than quantity.

Said that, I’d like to build a new small group of guys and suggest to the community our [super support man]
(Member of the Month - September 2015) @Nas as coordinator and leader of such amazing team :muscle:
@GG_jr @EddieA and @islipfd19 are the first names that came to mind as members :medal: but the group is open to everyone who have shown particular skills in helping other effectively or spending much time in troubleshooting tricky issues. :mag_right:

Finally @nas will be able to add people to the group by himself :wink:

These are a few posts which can help and you can add new ones if needed.



I think we are all support team here…

Of course, but I’d like to see a team of people which cares deeply about first questions from newcomers.
This team can also share practical tips, best practice, and common values which come directly from the daily experience.

Also Support team could help QA team, by testing some specific use cases and somehow make more influence on the Dev team if the issue is critical.

P.S. my 2 cents

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Agree, you can have a complete overview of recurring/urgent issues and reporting them to the community as improvements

I just noticed @Hunv may be a great addition here :slight_smile:
What do you think @Nas ?

EDIT @EddieA @GG_jr @islipfd19 would you like to join the group?

I would be proud to be a part of the team

Good! It’s up to @Nas to add you to the team :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind joining in and helping out somehow a couple of months time once I am more familiar with the distro… Will follow up on this at a more appropriate time in the future

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@Hunv come in :wink:

I’ll help when and where I can.

It’s enough for me :slight_smile:

Een bericht is gesplitst naar een nieuw topic: No networking after NS7 install

I come in to give support.

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I still thinking this “Support team” idea is not a good thing…
It’s a counterproductive idea, I will try to explain:

In my point of view, all participants of this forum are here for Nethserver, because we like Nethserver and we like the forum spirit, the ambiance… We are here for each one of us to be “the one more”.
And because we are here, we participate, we are all the support team.

To create a “Support Team”, can kill this spirit!
With for exemple a ten guys support team, any newcomer can think, I don’t need to participate" there’s already the inplace staff.
To create this “support team” is like create a barrier…

It’s only my point of view :slight_smile:

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It’s true, I had not thought of it. Here we are giving support and support each one.

Now, in particular I can give personal support remote or on site depending on the circumstance.

Or will we be a dedicated support team?

You’re right, everyone here can help and show his gratitude to the NethServer project and to the whole community.
My initial idea was based on creating a skilled group of people who are willing to help, actually we have already that --> @ambassadors_group
Everyone can help here and everyone is an expert on a specific topic. :sunglasses: