Building Docs Team

Continuing the discussion from New NethServer Teams:

Suggested goals:

  • creating good NethServer HowTo, as basis for future modules.
  • Writing guidelines that help to compose great content
  • helping people to creating the best HowTo ever!
  • New HowTo Category structure

What do you think? Who want be part of it? Members are you in?

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After these:

@marceloeng what do you think to join this team?

@AbsyntH, @sitz, @etino, @nrauso @zamboni what do think to write togheter a HowTo called “How to write an HowTo” ? So people can write helpful and correct stuff becoming new members for the HowTo Team
We should write down guidelines, hints, best practices.
[This discussion][1] is a good starting point, what about?
[1]: HowTo Install Video Conference system on Nethserver

I’d like to bump this discussion since we need to set specific and real goals for this team. From your point of view, which kind of goals a HowTo team should achieve? @AbsyntH, @sitz, @etino, @nrauso
HowTo creators: @Jim @saikrishnavedaraju @Adam @Ctek @marc_angio @JOduMonT @enzoturri @Wolfgang_Hofer @mamengoni @marceloeng @Lincee
Times ago I suggested:

  • Writing guidelines that helps to compose great content, something called “How to write an HowTo”
  • A single page that could gather all howtos and FAQ organized by category?
  • How can we accept an howto? How can we valuate a correct howto? Creating a 2 steps process: draft - tested?

Any thoughts on them? What do you suggest?

@alefattorini, I can propose some things that I’ve picked from my work.

1 Have a dedicated page for how-to’s (wiki)
2 create categories of how-to’s (network, base, SMB, update etc)
3 Documents must have at least 3 attributes beside them as label (Dificulty level, Version of software to what it applies, and Date)

We also must create a How-to on how to create a how-to.
To explain the steps to take care when you create a guide.

Create a standard template for a document that will be used to format the how-to. This way we make sure that all the documents will be the same and will follow a certain pattern.
Include a header with required information (Version of the how-to / revision , author, date of publishing, to what versions of NS applies, difficulty Level and category).

I’ll try to compile a small guide (when I’ll have a bit of time) on what an author should look out for, when they decide to create a How-to.


Go,go,go Bogdan.

I’m waiting impatitiently this Howto Template for the DevTeam make an “Howto deal with the e-smith layer” :laughing: :laughing:

that’s ok for me

Go ahead, please share your draft with us as soon as possible.

I have some examples already there that I do love, the wiki of Some Ideas can be taken

for example :smile:

the first page should (could) look something like that, a show room of main categories

something really nice with wiki are templates ->

We have an usage at contribs, HowTo are not signed, because someone after you can modify what you wrote…it is the rule of games with a wiki.

In fact I do love to make documentation, it is one way to retrieve informations several months after…I’m one of those who write the developer category.

Maybe and it is just an opinion, the wiki edit account should be subject to authorization…one good (bad) example is the french ubuntu wiki…it is a mess since everybody can write, specially those who are asking…can someone help me :stuck_out_tongue:


Done: How to create “HOW-TO”

Please post your feedback so it will be improved :smile:


I will reforme my how to with this layout

Given that we have a new kids here, the wiki, we need to re-organize the HowTo Team:

What do you think?

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I agree with the rebranding Doc Team.
I’m sign in :smiley:

@alefattorini : However I do feel flattered by the suggestion to join the howto/docs team, I don’t feel I am qualified to be part of that team (yet). My knowledge of NethServer is very limited (now that is an understatement). Maybe in time I can join, but for now I think it is much to premature to do that. I think it is a must to have at least some knowledge of the project to join something like a howto/docs team.

Talking about joining teams, I’d rather (again in time) get more involved with general community issues. Although I come from a tech background, my interests are much more with community management.
Especially community tasks should be done by those that have the support of the community. So (in time), IF the community agrees, I see a role there for me.

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@alefattorini: I am in as well.

@robb I have as well only little knowledge of Netserver and that is the reason to work on the Wiki. I would like to contribute to that part of the documentation/Howto/Wiki that cover the basics in an easy way with the necessary background information. If you work a long time with server and networks you know all this staff but if you are a nuwbi you questions everything if it right, what does it mean, what I have to setup in this field, etc.
Frankly speaking I have trouble to setp a basic server with the existing documentation (network, firewall, email, UPS). In many parts are too little information and this I would like to change.


It’s right, people who have a little knowledge of NethServer are the best people for that job because they are more likely to write getting started tutorials, starting from the basics.

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Hi guys, I’m in too, I wanna help as much as I can :smile:


So, we have these NEW team now :rugby_football:
@Ctek @stephdl @WillZen @Jim @sitz right? Anyone else would like to jump in? @AbsyntH would you like to stick around?
Like in other teams we have to choose a coordinator, who? :smile:

I don’t know if this task ( coordinator) is time consumer… And my wife start complain I’m a lot “on Internet” :cold_sweat:

I think that the coodinator could be a old know member, or @stephdl or @sitz, or @AbsyntH.

Wifes complaining that sounds me something…

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