Bug when deleting a "service" in Firewall Objects module

Hi, I’m back

I’m well polishing my Firewall Rules and finally, there’s firewall services that I don’t need anymore.
So, I go in the Firewall Objects, in the Services tab, and click on the edit buton, I’m able to delete the service…
There a yellow banner to show that Netserver made some adjust and an error message appear.

Expected feature: The page being refresh normally.
Occured feature: After deleting a service, the yellow banner appear, and a little message show that Shorewall is restarting. The page seem refreshing but afer few second… A little window appear: Error 404 Nethgui: 404 - Not found 1352715526.
With two butons reload page and try again.

How to reproduce:
Create a Firewall Service Object.
Return in the Firewall Service Object tab and delete the service.
Wait a little :smiley:

It’s a bug, isn’t it?


I see the same behavior. The error code in my system is 1352715526.
It comes from the NethGUI framework, the code has a comment about a fix, but I don’t know more.
Issue opened: