Broken network configuration

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708 (Final)

Hello friends,

I’m a fairly new user of Nethserver and managed to break my network configuration after attempting to add a red connection. I previously only had a green connection where I connected through my local lan. At this point, I’d like to removed the red connection and bond so that I can once again connect through the web interface. I’ve made a few unsuccessful attempts to do so and thought it prudent to reach out to others more experienced than myself. Please find a copy of my broken configuration below. Thanks for Nethserver and this community!

/var/lib/nethserver/db/networks file contents

bond0 = bond | BondOptMode | FwInBandwidth | FwOutBandwidth | bootproto | dhcp | gateway | | ipaddr | | netmask | | role | red
enp6s0 = ethernet | FwInBandwidth | | FwOutBandwidth | bootproto | none | master | bond 0 | role | slave
ppp0 = xdsl-disabled | AuthType | auto | FwInBandwidth | | FwOutBandwidth | | Password | | name | PPPoE | provider | xDSL provider | role | red | user |
red1 = provider | interface | bond0 | weight | 1


db networks setprop enp6s0 ipaddr 192.168.x.x netmask role green
signal-event interface-update

Change 192.168.x.x to the ip address you want (in the same net of your client).

Thank you for replying so quickly. Running the command resulted in var/lib/nethserver/db/networks changing per below. Unfortunately, pinging times out and I’m unable to access the administrative website at I did a fresh restart also, but found that I was still unable to connect to the server. Any other advice or clues will be much appreciated. Thanks again!