Bit confused about Owncloud versions

Can somebody explain OwnCloud versions, I have noticed that Netherserver current version of Owncloud is 8.1.4, whilst the latest version of Owncloud according to the project site is v8.2?

Why the discrepancy in the version numbers?

Actually, NS is 7.0.11.

The 8.1.4 I assume you’re seeing in the top banner is another version of oC available to v 8 and v 7 installs with php 5.4 and is embedded in the oC code, not NS, and the latest v of oC is in the 8.2.

NS is still on v7 because NS is stuck on php 5.3, v8* of oC requires at least php 5.4.

There are several threads here on the forums discussing this.


For the record, this is because CentOS 6.7 is stuck on php 5.3 :disappointed: unfortunately