bind9+facileManager webui

Hi Ppl,

This is a fast installation howto of bind9 and a easy webui to manage it so this will not be a support to configure properly bind ( rtfm moment )

Install from Software Center some packages : web-server file-server and mysql
activate admin account
and then from shell

yum install bind bind-utils php-mysql wget vim php-posix


tar zxvf facilemanager-complete-2.0.1.tar.gz

cd facileManager

mv server/ /var/www/html/facileManager

chown -R root:apache /var/www/html/facileManager

chmod -R 750 /var/www/html/facileManager/

Create the entry for enable rewrite on apache

vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/facilemanager.conf

(stupid discourse can’t write <Directory “/var/www/html/facileManager”> < … > it will be hide
i hate web 2.0 )

then create the db

mysql -e "create database facileManager;" 
mysql -e "grant all on facileManager.* to admin identified by 'YOURPASSWORD';"

and restart httpd

 service httpd restart

that’s all , now go to http://serverip/facileManager and follow the installation istrutions