Big problem with Two Factor authentication for Nextcloud and Webtop 5

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after a crash I had to reset my iPhone and also had to re-play the Google Authenticator, which I used for the two-factor authentication. Now it is no longer possible to access Webtop or Nextcloud. How can I disable the two factor authentication via putty?

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If there is no other admin user that can authenticate, on Nextcloud you can disable 2FA using occ command. To temporarily disable 2FA for a specific user:

su - apache -s /bin/bash -c "source /opt/rh/rh-php71/enable; cd /usr/share/nextcloud/; php occ twofactor:disable <username>"

Another option for nextcloud would be to disable the 2FA app…

For webtop5:

su - postgres -c 'psql webtop5'
UPDATE "core"."settings" SET "value"='false' WHERE "key"='otp.enabled';

Afterwards you may have to trigger:

signal-event nethserver-webtop5-update

Thank You so much… this saved my day too!


I have to ask one more question… how would i go about enabling the 2 factor authentication again…
since when i enable it again it does not seem to reset to default settings. So i can’t login again
Maybe I am missing something.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

For Nextcloud or Webtop?


A small correction, the above commands disable OTP globally and gray-out OTP user’s settings, if I’m not mistaken. Same as admin can do from WebTop system properties.

As admin, from Domains > NethServer > Users you can right-click on a user and select Settings from context menu, then access user’s OTP settings and deactivate it for that user.

To disable OTP for a specific user (or the admin), from the command line:

su - postgres -c 'psql webtop5'
UPDATE "core"."user_settings" SET "value"='false' WHERE "key"='otp.enabled' AND "user_id"='theusergoeshere';

No signal-event required.
Later on, either the user or the admin can reconfigure OTP settings.


Sorry it took me so long to test this solution,
worked like a charm! Thank You!!

Thanks for reporting. Another :medal_sports: for @dnutan :slight_smile:

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