Bandwith problem


after changing the internet provider we have a bandwith of 430 mbit/s instead of 50 mbit/s before. Unfortunately it seems that the NS gateway is not capable to handle this speed. A client computer gets not more than about 100 mbit/s at maximum. I tried the connect with pfsense as gateway and it works like it should. Any ideas, what slows down the traffic? It would be a pity if I had to say good bye to Nethserver.


Here we have identified snort as a potential culprit:

Are you using snort? Could you try to disable it?

Hi Rasi,
Is all your infrastructure Gigabit ready ?

  • Nics in the NS (Red/Green) are Gbit?
  • Switch is Gigabit ?
  • Nic in the client is Gigabit?

Also, a lot of the speed value is determined by the type of cable used, but i do not think this is the case.

Take note that some network cards work often at 100 mbps even if they are Gbit. (usually a driver update is required)
I can say that NS is capable by default of Gigabit transfer.

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Indeed, the problem comes from snort. Thanks for the hint.
But is it safe to keep snort disabled on the gateway? Are there alternatives?

snort :mask: :…

try with suricata :slight_smile:

mutithread support and much better performance… :slight_smile:

whold be great change snort with suricata in nethserver as IPS/IDS :thinking:

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